Transforming nature to electricity

Enjoy clean, reliable, and affordable Solar Solutions for your business or home when you choose Energy First Limited.

We are an energy infrastructure developer and power solutions provider focused on leveraging renewable energy sources with a specific focus on solar energy in powering businesses, homes and communities in Africa.

Our Solutions

 Solar Plus Hybrid Solution 

This system comprises solar PV, and battery energy storage with connection to the grid, gas engine or generator. 

 Solar Plus Off-grid (Stand-alone system) 

 This system comprises solar PV and battery energy storage system (BESS) without direct connection to the utility grid or generator, providing an independent power supply to the customer. 


 Solar Plus Grid-tied System 

 The system is reliant on this grid to produce usable solar energy and funnel excess energy for net metering, clean energy credits, or later usage. 

 Energy As a Service 

In this model, Energy First deploys the financing of the project and delivers power to cater to the needs of the clients and payments are made based on vending and usage basis. 

We provide clean renewable energy solutions tailored to suit every power needs, from residential to SME’s and the Commercial and Industry sectors. To shop solar systems, click here – to get a customized solar solution with expert help- Request a Free Energy Audit.


With us, there is really no limit! 

Our Offering

Outright Sales

Our outright sale option is for customers that intend to shop and pay outrightly for the cost of purchasing a system.

Lease to Own

This payment option grants customers a lease option, customers pay 30-50% outrightly and spread payment over 12 months.

Energy as a Service

This model is for large-scale businesses spanning the Commercial and Industry. With a minimum of 250 Kilowatt, customers can get a fully financed solution and make payments based on energy consumption

Having trouble deciding on your desired solar capacity?

Kindly contact us on +234-704 833 3330 (Call &WhatsApp) to speak to our energy experts about your energy needs and request a free energy audit of your business or home. 

We will work with you to build, design, and implement a customized solar system that will meet your power needs. 

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