About Us

As a business, we leverage the best in class technology suited to our clients environment with a guarantee to deploy quality, reliable and affordable energy solutions focused on sustainability.

We are an energy infrastructure developer and power solutions provider focused on leveraging renewable energy sources with a specific focus on solar energy in powering businesses, homes and communities in Africa.

As a business, we leverage the best-in-class technology suited to our client’s environment with a guarantee to deploy quality, reliable and affordable energy solutions focused on sustainability.

 Our business is segmented into project development for commercial and industrial (C&I), small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) ranging from mines, financial institutions, telecommunications, healthcare, education, agriculture, to consumer-focused retail solutions, giving our wide range of clients an experience of reliable power supply.

With our corporate headquarters in the United Kingdom (UK), we currently have operations in 6 African countries:

  • Benin Republic
  • Nigeria
  • Rwanda
  • Senegal
  • Zambia
  • Zimbabwe

What We Stand For

Vision Statement

Transforming nature to electricity

Core Values


Reliability entails durability, dependability and continuous exceptional performance. Because we understand how much reliability counts, we embody this quality in our daily conduct.


Innovation is key for the sustainability of our business. Thinking out of the box is what we always strive for in order to serve the evolving needs of our customers.

Customer -Centricity

Our customers are the reason we do what we do. Our dedicated customer service, available 24/7, is our way of ensuring that our customers are at the front and centre of our business.


Excellence is the only parameter that we measure ourselves against. This measure is the same standard that we set to serving to our clientele.

Mission Statement

Providing first-class, cost-effective and inclusive energy systems by leveraging robust technology to minimise carbon footprint.

Carbon Print

Why we do it

To solve the power challenges faced by our clients, reduce the price point and cost of electricity to our customers and eliminate carbon emissions which contribute negatively to our planet.

Business Objective

Locating generation plants as close as possible to customers.

Utilising solar (with battery storage) for power generation.

Energy First seeks to focus on providing affordable, reliable and efficient electricity by integrating with existing power generation sources / grid in urban areas

In remote rural areas and communities not connected to a grid, we aim to deploy hybrid off-grid solutions utilizing solar resources.

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