Energy First Limited (Energy First), as a power solutions provider, continues to invest heavily on renewable energy sources with initial focus on solar power in significantly reducing the price points and improving the reliability of lighting up businesses, homes and communities in Africa. Energy First is your partner to alleviating the burden of unreliable power supply.

The challenge

Increasing electricity tariffs and unreliable power supply have dire effects on the growth of businesses in sub-Saharan Africa. A World Bank Enterprise Survey, which included 139 economies, business owners identified electricity services as the fourth biggest obstacle to their commercial activities. “Obtaining a new electricity connection can be complicated by burdensome connection processes. Once connected to the grid, firms may face blackouts that constrain production or force businesses to resort to self-supply through generators at a significant cost,” states the Survey.

To this end, the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) market find themselves with the dilemma of the ever-rising electricity tariffs while having to foot the bill for backup power in case of power outages; the latter is a frequent occurrence in sub-Saharan Africa.
However, when C&I clients choose to partner with Energy First, they will be spared of the burden of having to worry about unreliable power supply.

Energy First SolarPlus Solution for the C&I Market

With the vision of transforming nature to electricity, Energy First is investing in the solar energy sector specifically to cater to the C&I clients in the form of Energy-As-A-Service Business Model. When you choose Energy First’s solar energy solution you stand to reap the below benefits, all of which can be attributed to energy efficiency:

  • Awareness of your energy consumption,
  • Zero carbon emissions with the 100% solar renewable energy sources of Energy First,
  • Positively impact the environment with significant emission reductions by displacing the polluting diesel back-up generators,
  • Strengthen energy security and increase revenue from the elimination of expensive diesel fuel costs and savings from maintenance.
  • 20-40% cost savings on the electric bill etc.

Energy First’s Energy-As-A-Service solution is offered in different categories.

Standard SolarPlus Categories:

  • SolarPlus Off-grid (Stand-Alone) System – This system comprises of Solar PV and Battery Energy Storage (BESS) without direct connection to the utility grid or generator, providing an independent power supply to the customer. This solution is fit for sectors that operate typical during the day (8am to 8pm). The BESS supply power during the evening hours.
  • SolarPlus Hybrid System – This system comprises of Solar PV, Battery Energy Storage with connection to the grid, gas engine or generator. The Solar PV and thermal generator powers the load during the sunshine hours. The grid/generator provides a reference voltage for the strings PV inverters. The BESS is charged during this period as well. During the night hours or very low insolation period, the BESS powers the load and the thermal generator supply load when the battery is drained. This solution is particularly fit for sectors that requires power 24hrs 7 days operations. Manufacturing factories, Telecoms base stations, Hotels and Hospitals are the suitable market for this solution.
  • SolarPlus Grid-tied System – This is a utility-based system and is usually in the large capacity (megawatts) to qualify as a valuable business case.

Are you ready to go green with solar energy and displace polluting diesel back-up generators? Energy First is primed to help you manage your electricity bill and carbon footprint.

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